The Yarn & Colours

Yarn here is dyed using the immersion or kettle dyeing technique. Semi-solid yarns are built up of layers of different colours, some using pre-soaked yarn and some from dry skeins to create the different effects needed. Occasionally yarns will be speckled with both dry and wet dye.

The Dyes

Only professional acid dyes are used so that you have the best colour fastness possible. These are heat set with food-grade citric acid or domestic white vinegar. No harmful chemicals are used in the process. After the yarn has cooled it is rinsed in water and hung to dry outside, utilising the most natural wind and solar technology!

Everything is hand-dyed in small batches of two, maybe four. So whilst the same colourways may look the same, each batch is actually unique. Ensure you grab the yarn you want when you see it!

Me – The Fated Knitter

My dyeing journey actually started where many dyers do – with knitting (or crochet). I wanted to make scarves for my school friends one Christmas, and my Mum guided me the whole way through.

Many things have changed since then, and most of my knitting time is spent making things for my family and friends. My inspiration comes from them and the small things in the moments we spend together.

My Support

My husband has been huge support throughout my venture. Whilst he doesn’t do the dyeing, the blogging, or any of the work, he keeps me sane (as much as possible at least) and helps me focus on what I’m supposed to be doing!

My little boy is a huge amount of inspiration for me. His smiles are so heartwarming, and his laugh is contagious. I have no doubt that my colours will be inspired by many, many memories together.

But wait, there’s more…

We also design hand knitting patterns! All patterns are put through their paces by a team of testers, and then published on Ravelry and Gumroad.

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