Woollard was our first ever yarn base. It is made of 4 plies and is a fingering weight yarn in both 100g and 20g hanks. Woollard is made from the fleece of the Merino breed of sheep. This is a fine grade wool suitable for everyday wear and is soft enough to wear next to the skin. The superwash finish makes it ideal for gifts and items that need regular washing.

Storm Cloud on Woollard Fingering Weight Version |

Merino sheep originated from Spain, and trade worldwide has further refined the breed into the modern Merino, which is regarded as having some of the softest and finest wool of any sheep around. Along with the need for an annual shearing (without which the animals would suffer from heat stress, mobility issues, and even flystrike – ouch!) it is no wonder that Merino wool has become a staple of so many knitters yarn stashes.

Woollard is my most go to base, and I have named it in honour of my late Great Grandmother – Nanna Woolly – who was the eldest member of my maiden family name that I had the good fortune to know.

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