Hi there!

Scary to think that it’s December already and Christmas is rolling around in a few weeks time.

The decorations here are up and my little boy has already climbed the tree to take the star off the top. How he managed this we aren’t entirely sure. He got up in the morning and did it before we did and has only told us he climbed up it. It really isn’t that strong of a tree to support a 3 year old though. Oh, and of course he took all the chocolate decorations off too! He looked so proud of himself when we found him with the pile on decorations on the floor!

Anyways…. these are the dates I must get orders to the Post Office….

East Europe = 11th December

Canada & USA = 13th December

West Europe = 16th December

UK 2nd Class = 18th December

UK 1st Class = 21st December

For a more detailed breakdown you can find it on the Royal Mail website here:

You will need to place your order at least the day before these dates so I have time to pack and get to the Post Office. It is also worth noting that ongoing Covid restrictions, reduced air and freight capacity, high volumes and winter weather conditions are all impacting transportation and local delivery across the globe.

Due to my rural location there is also the risk of me getting snowed in, in which case all good intentions of planning go out the window as I would be unable to get to a Post Office, let alone the postie collecting any parcels.

Best wishes,
Sam xox


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