Hello! March is a special month for me, and this year we have three new colours for you!

Cushty ~ Bird of Paradise ~ Lifelong Journey 2022


Cushty is a pink and white yarn with delicate colour changes. The yarn colour reminds of being all snuggled up and comfy.

Bird of Paradise

This one was a bit of an accident. Well sort of… the colours you see here were meant to be only part of the dye process I was aiming for. But before the fourth colour went on I decided I really like how it had turned out already, reminding me of the beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers which I love, but have never been able to grow. But now I can have it on yarn instead!

Lifelong Journey 2022

Lifelong Journey is a special yarn I am going to dye once a year, for March. This is in recognition of Endometriosis Awareness Month, as this is a condition I myself have endured since 2009. Endometriosis is a lifelong chronic condition, because there is no cure, and is often debilitating in nature. In 2010/11 the pain had grown so strong that I could barely walk, even with crutches. With the help of surgery and natural pain management methods (though these took years for me to find), I am able to live a decent life again. Many women don’t, and are in constant severe pain. But I/we will never be “cured”.

I hope you love these new colours and pick one to try for yourself. Every yarn order placed during March 2022 will receive a free 20g mini skein of Lifelong Journey 2022 with their order. No coupon code necessary as I will add it to the parcel myself.

Best wishes,

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