Traditionally yarn dyers will pack yarn and fiber in an inner plastic bag, and an outer plastic mailing bag. It is cheap, easy, and convenient. Two layers provides double the protection to your yarn and fiber not only from the elements, but from the not so delicate moments of our international postal services too.

But as we all know plastic is becoming a disease to our planet. It is strangling, suffocating, and entangling our wildlife. Blocking out sunlight from our oceans. Embedding itself in our soil and waterways. And even making it’s way back into us through the food chain as microbeads and microfibres.

Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with the inner packaging of my yarn. You may have wondered what was happening!

Maybe you received no inner packaging?

Maybe you received some pretty tissue paper wrapping your yarn?

Or more recently, maybe you received a pretty cotton muslin wrapped package?

After experimenting I’ve made my final decision, and I’ve chosen the cotton muslin for my inner layer. I won’t go into the reasons for not choosing the others, but here are the reasons why I felt the cotton muslin is the best choice for me…

  • It can be reused. Cotton muslin is extremely useful for families with young children, those who like preserving their fruit and veg, and for small sewing projects.
  • It can be recycled. Many councils have facilities for recycling scrap fabric. There are even tutorials online for recycling fabric into yarn!
  • It is sustainable and renewable. Cotton is grown on plants and so long as we don’t destroy our planet we can keep growing it forever.
  • It is bio-degradable. It won’t hang around for 200+ years like plastic, and instead will break down in around 5-6 months in a garden compost pile!
I even bought a cutting mat and cutter to make the edges neat!

I hope you’ll be as pleased with this change as we are, and we’d love to hear what you’ve done with your cotton muslin in the comments below.

Our search for an alternative to the outer plastic mailing bag continues, and if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear from you.


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