JUST BECAUSE on Parnham – 70% Baby Alpaca & 30% Silk Lace Weight Yarn


  • Made with high quality Baby Alpaca & Silk fibres.
  • Works to standard heavy lace weight patterns.
  • Amazingly soft ideal for next-to-the-skin luxury.
  • Fire-resistant, breathable, anti-static, and resistant to odour, soiling, and water/spills.
  • Suitable for hand washing.
  • Naturally renewable, biodegradable, and compostable.
  • Each skein weighs 100g/3.52oz with a length of 600m/656yds.

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Just Because is inspired by a pretty collection of spearmint blue coloured balloons. Because who doesn’t love some tied balloons for a celebration?

Weight ~ 100g / 3.52oz
Length ~ 600m / 656yds
Fibre ~ 70% Baby Alpaca & 30% Silk
Colourway ~ Just Because

Made with a high quality blend of baby alpaca and silk. The strong, but delicate fibres in this blend are suited to the care and attention that comes from a cool hand wash only. It has a 2-ply construction which gives extra strength, but also has a natural sheen and drape that makes it perfect for special luxury projects.

Baby alpaca makes up 70% of this yarn. Alpaca is one of the finest luxury fibres. But even more this is baby alpaca, which is the first and finest fleece that an alpaca ever produces. Alpaca is considered to be warmer than most wool yarns, yet lighter. It is also:

  • fire-resistant and will naturally extinguish a flame
  • breathable and naturally wicks away water
  • creates a temperature-regulating effect
  • naturally renewable with alpaca growing a new fleece each year
  • biodegradable, and compostable at the end of its life cycle, putting nutrients back into the ground
  • resistant to odour, soiling, and water/spills (meaning less washing is needed)
  • natural silky sheen

Silk is another component of this yarn and makes up 30%. Silk has an incredibly smooth surface, and is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics because as well as dust mites it also resists funguses and moulds. It is incredibly strong and durable, and can retain its beauty for many years.

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Weight 100 g


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