Tired of having to search for a suitable pattern to go with your surprise club yarn?

The Cheese Twist Club is designed for you.

If you love receiving squishy surprise yarn in the post, but resent the thought of it stagnating in your stash while you wonder what to actually do with it, then this club box is designed for you.

Each edition of The Cheese Twist Club contains:

  • yarn in a limited edition, never to be repeated colourway
  • a brand new knitting pattern designed with this colourway
  • a favourite recipe of mine (or my Mums)
  • a surprise treat
The Cheese Twist Club: Edition One

The Cheese Twist Club came from the description my brother once gave of a twisted hank of yarn, asking me for “three of those cheese twist things”. XD

Club spaces are released on a pre-order basis, but spaces are limited.

The next club spaces are not yet open.

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More About The Cheese Twist Club…

Yarn & Colourway

Each club box contains at least 100g of yarn in a limited edition, never to be repeated colourway. As much as I fall in love with a colourway, the exact thing will never be repeated again. Not even on a different yarn base. (I kind of regret saying this, but I said it, so I’m keeping my word.)

The yarn base will be stated in the pre-order listing, and will be either be DK or fingering weight. For allergy purposes the exact breed of fibre used will be included in the pre-order listing too.

Knitting Pattern

The design for the knitting pattern will be created specifically for the yarn and colourway included in your club box. There will be enough yarn included to knit up the pattern. The club box will include a printed copy only of the pattern.

Each pattern is designed by me and is exclusive to club members for a minimum of six months. After this, the pattern will be released for sale on Ravelry.


You can’t have a club called The Cheese Twist Club without food. And knitting with a tasty treat on the side is a given.

As a child, I loved baking from my Mums “green book” full of family recipes, and it was how I earnt my pocket money for the week. As an adult my love of baking continues, and I have created many recipes to suit my tastes.

I’d like to share those recipes with you, and you will receive a printed copy of a new recipe with each edition of The Cheese Twist Club.

A Surprise Treat

This will be handpicked by me and will be something that I myself actually use. The gift will vary with each edition of the club box, but it will be linked with one of the above items.

Prices & Subscription

Each club box will be priced between £25-£30, depending on the actual contents of each edition, plus our standard postage rates.

Each edition of The Cheese Twist Club is available on a pre-order basis, but there are limited spaces. This is not a recurring subscription, so you can dip in and out as you choose.

New editions will be released on a roughly quarterly basis, and advance notice will be sent out to newsletter subscribers.

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