So….yeah! The title says it all really.

Every day “studies” are released that say this that and ‘tuther about the environment.

What is good for it. What is bad for it. Yada yada yada.

I’m not one for studies.

If you look hard enough for what you want to find, you’ll find it. And not all alternatives are all better.


The Plastic Problem

It’s difficult though to ignore the waves of plastic floating in our seas, down our river courses, and washing up on our beaches.

Wait. No. Not just the sea. It’s everywhere!

On the sides of the roads. In parks. Along the edges of country fields.


But if you look enough the majority of the plastic floating around is mostly of a certain type: packaging.

You don’t see a plastic toy train washed up amongst the sand. Or stones if you’re visiting my local beach at Felixstowe. But you get the picture.

So we’re getting rid of the plastic that we send out to you.

Bye, Bye Plastic!

We announced a while back that we had stopped using an inner plastic bag when mailing you your yarn. But we still had:

  • the purple outer plastic mailing bag
  • the sticky tape on the yarn wrap
  • plastic in one of our yarns (aka nylon)

Since then we added a “rummens” section and discontinued and moved the remainder of the plastic blended yarn to there.

We’ve also been researching alternatives to the other plastic sources above, and I think we’ve found our solutions.

Once current stock has been depleted:

  • The yarn wraps will no longer be held together with sellotape but will be sewn with cotton thread.
  • The inner packaging will continue to be cotton muslin.
  • The outer plastic mailing bag will be a cardboard box.
  • The cardboard box will not be sealed with plastic tape, but with gummed tape (i.e. paper and natural rubber).

This means that, once current stocks are depleted, the packaging you receive from us will be 100% bio-degradable and compostable.

What about plastic from our suppliers?

So there isn’t much I can do about the packaging from our suppliers. Some of them are looking into alternatives, but not all.

I could change my suppliers, but the alternatives pack the same. For example, water activated gummed tape comes wrapped in plastic, whoever I order it from.

But living here in Suffolk, and only a few miles from a village called Great Blakenham, makes me (in my opinion) lucky when it comes to non-recyclable plastic packaging. And waste in general. In Great Blakenham an incinerator was built a few years ago that converts waste into electricity. It is large enough to handle all the waste in Suffolk, plus some from neighbouring counties, Essex and Norfolk.

This is where the plastic packaging from our suppliers goes. I know it’s not ideal. But in the list of alternatives, it’s the one that prevents the plastic debris from getting loose into the world around us.

And that’s the important part for me.

I hope it is for you too.

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