Sustainability is a hugely important issue facing the world today.

I’m sure it’s something that you too are concerned about.

Generations before us lived alongside the world we live in. The plants and trees, animals, rivers and oceans.

And I’d like to hope generations to come will be able to do the same.

Electronic Aids

In most modern dye kitchens, electrical aids have been added to the process in order to speed it up, and produce ever larger quantities of indie dyed yarn.

A spin and drain cycle on a washing machine will remove excess water.

A de-humidifier will take atmospheric water from the air.

A heater will speed up the rest of the drying process. And a fan may be added to speed it up even more!

Doing it Differently

Here at Fated Yarns we don’t use any of those extra electronic aids.

Ventilation? We open a window.

Excess water? We hang up the yarn and it drips from the end.

Heat and Air? Well that comes from the most natural “technology” we have available to us. The yarn dries outside, with the purest form of solar and wind power!

What Matters to You?

Obviously all of this limits the quantity of indie dyed yarn that can be produced.

But that’s OK with me.

When I am sitting on my sofa, knitting with indie dyed yarn, there is an extra happiness in my soul knowing that it has been dyed without all of those extra electrical aids.

Which is why I am proud that our yarn has been, is, and always will be, dried outside with the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the wind.

It’s a Girl drying outside by our greenhouse


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