“Rummen” is a word I have grown up with here in the Suffolk countryside. It is part of a dying language: East Anglian.

The word is usually in reference to someone, something, or a situation, that isn’t quite right. Just a little bit odd.

“Thas a bit o’ a rummen.”

That’s a bit odd.

So what better way for me to describe those hanks of yarn that aren’t quite right. Those hanks that are generally called “seconds” in the manufacturing industry.

Maybe I feel they are hideously ugly.

Possibly, despite trying, I just cannot get the dye to stop bleeding.

Perhaps the hank has some knots or joins.*

Or maybe it’s the last few hanks of a discontinued yarn base.

Unless the yarn is felted during the dyeing process, making it unusable, it seems such a waste to throw yarn in the bin. So I won’t do it.

Instead they will be listed in the shop as “rummens”. The “fault” will always be listed so you can make a personal decision on whether you are prepared and/or skilled enough to deal with the issue. Oh, and they’ll also be at a reduced price.

I’m curious though, does you have a local word for the same thing? Let me know in the comments.

*Within the yarn manufacturing industry, it is considered an acceptable standard for a maximum of 3 knots/joins per 100g hank/skein. Though this is rare.


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